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Please read this schedule carefully, as all fees are non-refundable and payable in USD.
Egg Donation Program

$6000.00 - Loving Donation’s Total Matching Fee

We are a Full Service Egg Donation Agency. That means that we do not have hidden charges like some of the smaller agencies you may find on the internet.  We understand that a recipient family may require some of these services; we just believe that these services should be included in the basic agency fee.

Application Fee - Loving Donation does not charge any application fee!

We want our prospective recipients to be able to make solid choices based on ALL available data on ALL of our currently available egg donors, including their medical histories.

Expense Account Management Fee – Part of our job is to properly expense and manage recipients’ funds.

Travel Coordination Fee – We believe that this fee should be included inside the agency fee, meaning that it should already be a part of what the agency does for you.

10% of the Egg Donors’ Compensation - We believe this is just highway robbery. It’s obviously in the agency’s best financial interest to have their donors ask for a higher compensation amount when the agency is receiving 10% of that compensation amount as additional income. Further, it needlessly causes donors to increase their compensation requests to recipients thereby increasing the families’ total cost of the cycle. Loving Donation has one flat rate for all of our families and would NEVER consider tying our agency fee to our donors’ compensation amount.

$3,000.00 - Minimum Egg Donor’s Compensation - Some high demand or previous donors may request higher compensation. The Recipient Family may opt not to select that donor. All egg donor compensation is kept in the Expense Fund until being released to the donor upon the successful completion of her egg retrieval procedure.

Finally, there is the matter of the contracts. Loving Donation has negotiated a flat rate for our clients with the law firm of Rolinski and Suarez. Their fees, which are separate from the agency fees are:

$950.00 - Legal Consult / Egg Recipient & Egg Donor Agreements

$500.00 - Egg Donor’s Legal Consult Fee – To allow the donor to have her contract reviewed independently.

Total Minimum Estimated Expenditure for the entire cycle including Egg Donor Matching, the minimum Egg Donors Compensation and all Legal Fees is $9,950.00*

This estimate does not include the cost of Psychological Screening Procedures, Medical Expenses (including medications), Traveling Expenses for the egg donor, or the cost of the IVF procedure.



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