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As I sit here, pen in hand, searching for the words to convey what’s in my heart, I realize I won’t be able to. Deana, what words do I use to say thank you for being so patient with my endless questions?

How do I say thank you for the extra effort you so willingly put in to find Julie for us? I want you to know that every single day we are so very thankful that our family now feels "complete."

Part of the credit for that certainly belongs to you. Karl and I both feel like finding your agency was truly a blessing.

All our Love,

Cindy & Karl D,
Egg Recipients.

After having a donation fall apart at another agency, my wife was heartbroken. We had chosen a donor who really let us down, as did the agency. You patiently listened to our story and then just said you understood exactly what we wanted. We were both just stunned by Diane. We still talk about how close the resemblance is. I have never written a letter to anyone before but I just wanted to write you and say, Deana, you made my wife smile again and I’ll never forget that.

I was amazed at how supportive and caring you were to us both during a very stressful time in our lives. We’re both so excited about our future now. We’ll be sure to send pictures!

Louis & Regina L.
Egg Recipients

Dear Deana,

I just got off the phone with you, and I just had to sit and write you a quick thank you note. I was so surprised that I had been selected again, and I didn’t even know I was eligible for the higher compensation! I felt really good after my first donation, so it was easy for me to want to donate again. Thanks for always helping me to be everywhere on time and for helping me with my shots at first; I’ll be O.K. this time.

Rachel C.
Egg Donor
(As a second time donor with proven fertility (21 eggs retrieved) Rachel became entitled to 2nd tier compensation)


As you know, I had never been an egg donor before. Strangely enough, it was a conversation that I overheard that my parents were having with some guests in their home that originally got me interested in helping. After talking it over with my parents, I found your company on the web; I called and was sent an application. I couldn’t believe it when less than a month later you were calling to say that I had been selected to donate! I have to admit, I sure was nervous. I guess that’s why I’m writing you today, just to thank you again for all your support and honesty. Thanks to you, the experience was a good one and I can relax now about my tuition. Today, I received the card that you sent for the family; please tell them how sweet and appreciated that was.

Shelly H.
Egg Donor  


I just had to write you and tell you again how wonderful it was to work with you. Dan and I were simply amazed at your selection of donors! We had been searching other agencies but just weren’t able to find anyone we wanted to donate to us. You were so caring and kind to tell me I wasn’t being unreasonable even though I know I must have given you fits. In the end though, it was you that finally found our Jessica. I went to my OB/GYN  today and he told me my pregnancy was coming along perfectly!! Thank you so much for everything you did for us, we will be eternally grateful.

Dan & Karen T.
Egg Recipients


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