Becoming An Egg Donor

Give the Gift of Motherhood

Date of Birth

Dear Prospective Donor:
Thank you for your interest in our egg donation program. The donation you are contemplating making is the most loving gift one woman can give to another, the chance at an opportunity to become a parent.
Before beginning the application process, please take a minute to review the requirements that you MUST MEET to be considered as an egg donor applicant in the Loving Donation program:
  1. 1) You are a female between the ages of 21 and 30.
  2. 2) You are in good health and within 30 pounds of your ideal body weight.
  3. 3) You are neither a smoker, nor drug user.
  4. 4) You have a regular monthly period and are not using any "long term" type of birth control such as the Norplant implants or the Depo injection.
  5. 5) You are willing to administer self-injections for a period of approximately two weeks.
  6. 6) You understand that you may be asked to participate in an egg retrieval cycle that may require you to travel to another city or state. The family who has chosen you to be their egg donor will pay the travel expenses.
This loving donation requires that you be as determined and dedicated as the recipient family in completing this process successfully.