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Step I

  • Click here and complete our online request for an application. By clicking "Please send my donor package" at the bottom of the online application page, you will automatically be sent by return e-mail a .PDF file that includes all of the instructions and forms needed to apply to our egg donor program.
  • If you clicked "U.S. Mail" as your chosen method of delivery, you will receive the information you requested in 3-5 days.

Step II

Step III

Return the following to the address noted below:

Completed Application

Personal Information/Photo Release   

A copy of your Driver’s License

Please include at least five (5) pictures of yourself.

(Please see the Application Directions page regarding "Photo Requirements")

Loving Donation, Inc.
1331 S. International Parkway Suite 2291
Lake Mary, FL 32746

Upon receipt, review & acceptance, your profile will be added to our online egg donor database. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you:  First, your profile is strictly password protected. Only recipient parents who have called our office and given us their specific identifying information are furnished with passwords. Second, NO personal identifying information of any kind will ever be displayed on your online profile nor released to any recipient family for any reason whatsoever without your specific written permission. Loving Donation takes the security of your personal information very seriously. Please be aware that our staff has very strict policies in place that prohibit them from discussing any donor issues or answering any questions regarding any other donor in our program. When a recipient family selects you as a possible match to participate in a cycle for them, we will contact you to discuss the particulars of their offer. At that time, we will be able to share with you specifics regarding how much compensation is being offered and the amount of time and travel required to complete the offered cycle. You will then be given time to reflect on this information and when you decide, just give us a call with your answer! If all parties agree, we will enter the Legal phase of the donation cycle.

Step IV
Legal Counseling

  A s the donation proceeds, the law firm of Rolinski & Suarez will forward your half of an Egg Donor Agreement to you. At the same time, they send the other half to the recipient parents. Later, when both parts are returned to the firm, they will be combined and will then represent one complete contract. Please feel free to contact the firm with any questions you may have. You are however REQUIRED to have this contract reviewed by an independent Attorney in your area. The intended parents cover the cost of this legal review, up to $250.00. Our legal team must receive a Legal Clearance Report from the Attorney you have selected before the donation can continue.

Step V

Psychological Screening

Your emotional health is a primary concern to the recipients and we want to minimize the chance that you may have later regrets or psychological problems as a result of your donation. Further, the recipient family has a goal here as well, which is to exclude the presence of major psychiatric diseases that could be inherited by a child, such as depression, manic-depressive disorder, or schizophrenia. Shortly after your screening your counselor will issue a Psychological Clearance Report to your Donor Coordinator. This report, (without identifying information), is reviewed by the agency with the family that has selected you.

Step VI
Medical Screening

Next, you will be sent for a medical evaluation that includes both a pelvic exam and blood tests that indicate your general health, hormone levels and evidence of drug use or sexually transmitted diseases. After these evaluations have been completed, your Egg Donor Coordinator will receive a Medical Clearance Report. Again, this report (without identifying information) is reviewed with the client family and their physician.

Step VII
Financial Aspects

Medical Expenses- any and all medical expenses, including medications, that will be required for the egg donation cycle, are covered by the intended parents. Travel Expenses- if there is travel required for the cycle, the intended parents cover all expenses for you while you are traveling on their behalf. This includes your airfare, hotel, ground transportation, as well as all meals. Loving Donation coordinates your travel itinerary for you and is on call 24/7 while you travel. Insurance- if you do not have current medical insurance, a short-term policy will be obtained for you by the intended parents. This policy is designed to protect you should complications arise.

The compensation aspect of this relationship is clearly defined. You as an egg donor are being compensated for your dedication, time, effort, and discomfort in relationship to the egg donation process. After you have successfully completed your retrieval responsibilities, our staffs first priority is to assure that you are feeling good, and to assist in overseeing your travel back home. These reservations will of course have already been made, but just in case there are any last minute needs you may have, your cycle coordinator will be standing by for you 24/7!! As soon as you feel up to it, please call our offices and we will set up your post retrieval phone consult with Deana. After that, we will begin the final phase of your donation, including sending your compensation to you. This usually takes no more than 7-10 days, depending on your specific cycle particulars. You should expect to have your compensation in your hands no more than 2 weeks after your retrieval.


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