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You may be curious of what a couple looks for in an egg donor. We have found that some couples are seeking a physical resemblance to the intended mother.

Sometimes a couple’s religious background is a major factor. These days our society is becoming increasingly critical of its attraction to only physical characteristics.

We have found that our intended parents often are seeking a donor who is simply intelligent, kind and warm.

The women you will be helping have been unable to conceive a pregnancy for a variety of different reasons. Some because of genetic difficulties or because they do not produce eggs that are able to create a healthy baby, or they have waited too long to start their families. The stories are heartbreaking.

Most of our families have made enormous financial and emotionally painful efforts to conceive a child on their own, without success. Without special women like yourself, these families may never have the opportunity to parent. And that is why...

The staff of Loving Donation would like to take this opportunity on behalf of our client families
and ourselves to thank you for considering the gift of such a

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